Damscray – Los Animales EP

24 07 2009


Damscray – Los Animales EP (Humanworkshop)

Well, it’s been in the pipeline for a while and a few days ago it emerged into the light of day, a brand spanking new release from Damscray, that Russian purveyor of experimentally. dark/intriguing Trip Hop. Or soundscapes. Or something. Read the rest of this entry »


Entertainment for the Braindead and Damscray doing stuff…

15 07 2009

eftb feat. blackbird, finch & throstle from entertainment for the braindead on Vimeo.

A precursor to either an EP or album release apparently, something to look forward to either way given that Julia Kotowski (EftB) is  most definitely one of the best CC artists out there.

And in a miniature flurry of excitement there’s also a looming release from another class CC act, Damscray and you can look here for a glimpse of that.

Mr Busalot – Test Screening of The Story Of Mr Busalot

13 07 2009


Mr Busalot – Test Screening of The Story Of Mr Busalot (Jamendo)

It’s not often that Jamendo turns up something that really counts as odd. Despite the neverending attempts of a legion of bedroom producers to stand out from the crowd by virtue of creating ever more obscure and unlistenable beats it’s rare that a release actually leaves me raising an eyebrow. And it’s even rarer when it actually makes me laugh. And it’s an out and out miracle when that release also happens to be an English Hip-Hop one. In fact, not just that, but it’s from South East London which just happens to be my little corner of the metropolis, which not only obliges me to review it but also obliges Mr Busalot’s efforts to be half decent given his Londoner status. And mercifully my faith in the inherent superiority of anything from SE London goes unchallenged for the short duration of this entertainingly at ease with itself album. Read the rest of this entry »

Super Chron Flight Brothers – Indonesia

9 05 2009


Super Chron Flight Brothers – Indonesia (Backwoodz Studioz)

A bit of a stretch today, at least as far as the ‘Creative Commons’ tag goes because this ain’t, as it were. This is however a free album and licensing aside it deserves a bit of loving attention. So, Super Chron Flight Brothers, superbly ridiculous name to start with and an album of undeniably ‘Underground’ Hip Hop, as opposed to the thousands of others who label themselves under the genre simply because it makes them sound more interesting than if they were to admit to churning out generic and largely unsuccesful stuff which is just a poor imitation of what the mainstream is doing more effectively. Although exactly what constitutes ‘Underground’ Hip Hop is a matter for debate, but let’s just say that something which has some vague aspiration to do something new, or at least relatively under-done so far, qualifies.
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Duck – Logical Fallacy

6 05 2009


Duck – Logical Fallacy (Fresh Poulp)

Emerging from French Dub/Electronica/D’n’B/Trip Hop specialist NetLabel ‘Fresh Poulp’; Duck, or possibly ‘DucK’, is a purveyor of ‘Electro-Dub’, apparently, which as a sentence is jam packed enough with relatively meaningless genre definitions to satiate even the most determinedly anal and organised of souls.
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Black Era – Third Eye Guerilla

25 04 2009



Black Era – Third Eye Guerilla (Aquietbump)

Heavy, slow and brooding but still just warm enough to be a relaxed listen. There’s a fairly brief summary of a rather good EP although leaving it at that might not quite justify my existence. ‘Third Eye Guerilla’, coming from the Aquietbump NetLabel, is a compact but beautifully formed hit of dark and vaguely abstract Trip Hop which noticably sets out to focus on an edgy, rather grim vibe. Read the rest of this entry »

SCLWN – White Rabbit/New Yeah

15 04 2009



SCLWN – White Rabbit/New Yeah (Hool-a-Hop Records)

It all seems to be happening in Russia at the moment, barely any time at all after releasing his solo effort ‘Horseboy’ Damscray is back to teaming up with SCLWN to release an EP length follow up to ‘Everything is OK’, which I reviewed a while back and found to be not too bad at all. Read the rest of this entry »