Flowerheads – Demo 2008

26 07 2009


Flowerheads – Demo 2008 (Jamendo)

Ah 2008, I remember it so well, you could leave your doors open and no one would burgle you, children knew their place and the labouring classes always doffed their hats when you passed them on the street. Halcyon days. And apparently a Surf Rock band released a demo album around that time too, so there y’go, it really was the best we’d ever had it. Read the rest of this entry »


When Good Blogs Go Bad, Spring Break Edition

13 05 2009

You’ll have to forgive this updates stench of self indulgence I’m afraid but, like the red nosed old drunk lounging in the corner of your local Wetherspoons* I find myself staring into the watery abyss of my cheap, fizzy lager and contemplating the nature of the universe in which I find myself this week. ‘What’s bought this about?’, I hear no one in particular ask. Well now, it’s about the state of this glorious Creative Commons nation of ours, both in the present, in the future and in what will soon be the past. Vague enough? I certainly hope so. Read the rest of this entry »