Damscray – Los Animales EP

24 07 2009


Damscray – Los Animales EP (Humanworkshop)

Well, it’s been in the pipeline for a while and a few days ago it emerged into the light of day, a brand spanking new release from Damscray, that Russian purveyor of experimentally. dark/intriguing Trip Hop. Or soundscapes. Or something. Read the rest of this entry »


SCLWN – White Rabbit/New Yeah

15 04 2009



SCLWN – White Rabbit/New Yeah (Hool-a-Hop Records)

It all seems to be happening in Russia at the moment, barely any time at all after releasing his solo effort ‘Horseboy’ Damscray is back to teaming up with SCLWN to release an EP length follow up to ‘Everything is OK’, which I reviewed a while back and found to be not too bad at all. Read the rest of this entry »

Damscray – Horseboy EP

19 02 2009


Damscray – Horseboy EP

A while back now I took a listen to Russian Hip-Hoppers SCLWN’s album ‘Everything is OK’ and going by my half imagined memories and the fact that it’s still stored on my MP3 player I’m fairly sure that I said lots of nice things about it. I especially recall lavishing some, slightly scared, love on the music itself which had a nicely deep, intimidating almost industrial feel to it and, lo and behold, the universe has continued to serve my fetish for music to feel slightly unnerved to by giving me this EP. Read the rest of this entry »

SCLWN – Everything is OK

18 12 2008


SCLWN – Everything is OK (Hool-A-Hop Records)

It’s an odd task reviewing foreign language Hip Hop. The genre is built upon its lyrical qualities at least as much as its musical ones and trying to rate the value of what’s being said in a language you have absolutely no understanding of is really rather pointless. But then again, both in the world of freely distributed music and in the Hip Hop world in general a vast amount of the good stuff which is going on is going on in non-English speaking countries where the conventions of a genre which is habitually dominated by cliched traditions are being corrupted and subverted by local styles and oddities. So you can’t do it proper justice and you don’t want to ignore it, which leaves you stuck in the middle unfortunately. The only way I can see to look into this vast world of new Hip Hop is to alter expectations completely, the vocal side of things needs to merge into the musical, becoming just another layer to the sound rather than a seperate and distinct stream above or within it. It’s unfair, to a great degree, because where an English speaking act might get away with an average beat by balancing it out with original, interesting lyrics these new objects of interest don’t have the choice. Read the rest of this entry »