Singles Night

1 06 2009

nobonus NoBonus – No Code

 A thoroughly Doors-esque single here from the Psychedelic, whirling wastelands of  France. Surprisingly good quality for a live recording but not exactly the most  original effort, still, it’s an entertaining enough listen and at 15 minutes it’s well worth  the money you’re not paying for this nicely crafted effort.  Click on the picture to head  over and download.




Antropy – Dirty Little Mind

A fairly polished little dose of Indie Pop, not particularly inspired and a bit of an audio mash up of a fairly predictable list of influences but it does what it does better than most and is more than listenable enough to have somewhere on a Summer play list.





Electric Sheep Blowjob – One Beat Sessions

If you’re going to choose a name like that you really should produce music to match it rather than fairly generic Electronica, but that aside… A dose of small and well crafted Electronica from Finland (Electric Sheep Blowjob – would have worked far better on a Death Metal band but ho hum), not all that exciting but in the vast ocean of online bedroom DJ releases this holds its own somewhere just above the middle.


Christophe Marc – The Funny Fall

2 05 2009


Christophe Marc – The Funny Fall (Jamendo)

After listing Christophe’s single a few days back in my revelatory, consciousness expanding, superlative singles round up I found word reaching me of a fully fledged solo album from the same, my extensive and exhaustive spy network reporting back to me every detail of note from the world of Creative Commons as they do (well, he actually told me about it himself but let’s not split hairs). My curiosity piqued and my appetite for experimental Hip Hop, my latest obsession, finally satiated I meandered over to Jamendo and hit the download button with hope in my heart and a glint in my eye. Or at least a cup of tea in my hand and a few hours to kill. Read the rest of this entry »

The Hardtits – Demo 2008

18 04 2009



The Hardtits – Demo 2008 (Jamendo)

The Hardtits… Jazz, Punk, Rock, Ska and an excellent, if slightly random, name for your average English listener. Theoretically there’s absolutely nothing to dislike here, except perhaps the Jazz but even that could be forgiven in light of the rest of the claimed styles and the fact that the French actually seem to do upbeat Jazz quite well (i.e. Trio). Theory and reality though are a million miles apart as any fule know and with this lot the intent isn’t really reflected in the end result. Read the rest of this entry »

Entertainment for the Braindead – Seven + 1

11 04 2009



Entertainment for the Braindead – Seven + 1 (Aaahh Records)

One of the first reviews I did was of EftB’s second album ‘Hydrophobia’ which I liberally gushed over like a teenage girl meeting Ronan Keating (or whoever the kids dig these days), an enthusiasm which hasn’t been dulled by time given that it’s still on my MP3 player and in habitual rotation. So, new album, good news right? Read the rest of this entry »

Four Eyed Boy – Sueños EP

1 04 2009


Four Eyed Boy – Sueños (DelHotel Records)

Coming out of the same NetLabel as the positively spiffing ‘Mr Racoon‘ Four Eyed Boy is an Electro-Pop act who’ve just released their debut EP, ‘Sueños’, which, after a fashion, has a similarly pleasing, upbeat feel to his stable mates effort ‘Katy‘. So, that’s good then, comparison to Mr Racoon can only be a good thing and with Summer looming in the distance cheerful pop is increasingly the order of the day and by the looks of things the Mexican label seems to have enough of it to keep the world supplied for years to come although the quality, as I’m discovering, can be a little sketchy. Read the rest of this entry »

Some single lovin’.

30 03 2009

10Marxe Eskerda – Hitlipollas

Can’t really review a three minute, Spanish Punk single in any real depth but it’s worth hearing nonetheless. No idea what the lyrics are about but even with the soundbite from Herr Hitler at the intro I’m willing to assume it isn’t a homage to the late, mono-balled lad himself. Give it a go, Punk as fuck.




1200Radiographia – Falso MC

Brazilian Hip Hop single with a meandering feel to it offset by some solid vocals, of course it’s in Portugese so I’m just assuming that his lyrics actually make sense but worth a try anyway.





pbDoc – Pirate Bay

A novelty Electro-Pop offering dedicated to those fine folks in the Piracy world, most notably Pirate Bay, not spectacular by any means but well intended and a pleasant enough bit of throwaway Pop. Arggggg.






The Dada Weatherman – The Green Waltz

18 03 2009


The Dada Weatherman – The Green Waltz (Jamendo)

It’s one of the best bits of Creative Commons music, the fact that you can randomly download something simply because you like the bands name. In fact you can download a dozen albums a day without pausing for a second to think about whether it’s worth it, it turns the internet into one big sweet shop for the wide eyed kids of the music loving world, free to jam audio chocolate down our throats until we’re left bloated, vomiting and suffering from occasional heart pain and diabetes. It’s got to be one of the few settings where greed really is good. Although clearly not one where the metaphors bring similar joy.

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