The Life and Times of AGMB

2 08 2009

Well, it was born under a bad star, with the number 13 tattoo’d on it’s neck and the mark of the beast upon its soul. And the only boy who could ever reach it, was the son of a preacher man. And it was beautiful while it lasted, but the bell tolls for us all sooner or later and the winding down of Another Goddamn Music Blog has begun. Soon(ish) this blog will fade away to be replaced with the glorious and venerable new Emperor of the internet, The Creative Uncommons, which’ll be alot like a bigger, sexier, prettier version of this place only, hopefuly, a lot more successful and with a lot more people on board.

The new site will hold all of the archives from here and this blog’ll stay standing in the wings, out of use but not forgotten, largely because a few artists and sites link here referencing stuff. And there’s still one update to come when I launch the new site, so stay tuned for that.

And that’s the end of this particular public service anouncement.

e2a: If anyone is interested in contributing to/helping with the new site then e-mail me.


Entertainment for the Braindead and Damscray doing stuff…

15 07 2009

eftb feat. blackbird, finch & throstle from entertainment for the braindead on Vimeo.

A precursor to either an EP or album release apparently, something to look forward to either way given that Julia Kotowski (EftB) is  most definitely one of the best CC artists out there.

And in a miniature flurry of excitement there’s also a looming release from another class CC act, Damscray and you can look here for a glimpse of that.

netBloc Volume 21 – Opening Your Ears With Jamendo

4 05 2009

Just a lil’ update to spread word of  the latest netBloc compilation release which is rather tasty indeed featuring, as it does, DavidBowman, Stoufi the Stoves and the excellent Tab among a host of others. And to make it even better than you could ever possibly have imagined in your wildest and most depraved dreams AGMB even gets name dropped amidst the comprehensive PDF file which accompanies the release, detailing artist backrounds and info; look for Tab and bask in our clickable linking goodness.

It’s available to download here, so you should probably do so eh?

And on a side note, from now on the below button’s going to be stuck on everything I post because, well, I have this forum see and, y’know, it’s just lovely and I was thinking that maybe, if you’ve got the time and all, you could drop by and post something. No pressure or anything, I know you’re busy and I don’t want to rush you into anything you’re not comfortable with but, erm, it’d be just dandy if you’d stop in to say hello and maybe, perhaps, we could hold hands or something, it’d be, like, so super awesome.


netBloc vol. 20: Music to Accompany the World Traveller

10 04 2009


Another release from the ever excellent netBloc gang, a fairly random mix but it’s all good. Plus they’ve apparently already finalised the track listing for the next one, so keep an eye out for that too.

And here we are…

In Bruges…

24 03 2009

Feck all to do with me but it might be interesting to someone, so consider it a public service broadcast, drop ‘n’ roll folks.

Dearest electronic music producers,

Would you like to come to Belgium and play your music for lots of people in an awesome club?

This is the sixth edition of the yearly Silenced competition. We are looking for talented, European producers with a passion for minimal techno. Winners will be flown over to Belgium where they’ll perform live on the main stage of one of Belgium’s finest underground clubs. We are talking about club Silo, where we host our party “Silence” (26/09/09), which is all about new music, fresh artists and a thousand clubbers. This booking is one thing, but there’s more to this contest!

The winners get to join the Silenced collective and they’ll be invited to make a release on our netlabel. Furthermore we can give you radio airtime and our commitment to fix you more bookings in Belgium.

What do you need to do?

Make kick ass minimal techno and send a myspace link to, mentioning you’d like to join our contest.

The deadline for participation is the 31st of May. An experienced jury will listen to your tracks and contact the finalists

Check our website:

Another Goddamn Music… Forum?

19 03 2009

I have little doubt that this will crash and burn into obscurity given the nature of forums but I’m willing to give it a shot. The Creative Commons music movement is still in its infancy really, the framework is still being laid down and with a few notable exceptions (Jamendo, NetLabel Catalogue, etc) there are no proper hubs for the community, or at least no where near enough to cater for the scope of what’s starting to happen. So given that it only took 5 minutes to set up I thought I’d start a forum to fill a gap, full of the vain hope that it might actually be of some use to someone out there.

It looks terrible, I’m the only member and I have very little idea of what I’m doing but hey, in an infinite universe anything is possible, even the success of a small back-water forum like this one. So head over, sign up and start posting, this could be the start of something beautiful.


Chin Chin – Go There With You EP

11 01 2009

Is this free music? I’m not sure. It’s from Definitive Jux, who’re a commercial label, but the EP’s a freebie, technically I should be pouring scorn on the PR excersize but hey, I’ve got a soft spot for DefJux (home to… well, shit loads of people actually).

Anyway, this is a decent little EP full of Electro, nothing mind blowing but pleasant enough to have around so give it a look.

This counts as news by the way, not a review so no complaining about the lack of content o_O Does mean that I’m back and bad though, check back on Tuesday and Friday for the proper stuff and every day inbetween for the little tidbits from my wanderings through the ether. Links beloooooooooooooow.

Download Go There With You EP

btw: DefJux also apparently have a little free something from the excellent Aesop Rock up too but I can’t work out how to download it, those less inept than me check here and tell me if you have any more luck.