On a lack of updates and other great matters of our time…

21 07 2009

Those who’ve noticed may have noticed that of late this blog has suffered from a grim paucity of actual, real, review shaped updates, those fine things which make a blog worth reading and validate my existence by granting some use to it. Well I have a great many excuses but none of them are particularly good and, normally, I wouldn’t note them at all but for the fact that they accompany news of something rather more interesting…

At the moment my main project is the creating of a Creative Commons music site, think AGMB but far, far bigger and with a shed load more writers and contributors along with a host of features which go beyond the boundaries of simple reviews. In part this is just because I like doing stuff (or avoiding doing it rather) but on a more community minded note it’s an attempt to fill that gap which very few sites seem to be trying to deal with on the ‘scene’, I want the site to provide a sense of self and a sense of continuity to the CC world as opposed to the infinite number of drifting islands which currently make it up. Pretentious as a roomful of IDM producers I know but still, I have a dream, comrades.

What I don’t really have at the moment is a timeline on all this, although the end of September is a theoretical possibility for launching it, despite the myriad problems which seem to have a habit of occuring. So if you’re interested in having anything to do with my grand, world conquering scheme then don’t hesitate to get in touch, even if you’re just idly curious about it all.

And as for this blog, some proper updates will resume soon, once I work out what my excuses are and find a way to deal with them. Don’t panic, I’m in control.




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