Entertainment for the Braindead and Damscray doing stuff…

15 07 2009

eftb feat. blackbird, finch & throstle from entertainment for the braindead on Vimeo.

A precursor to either an EP or album release apparently, something to look forward to either way given that Julia Kotowski (EftB) is  most definitely one of the best CC artists out there.

And in a miniature flurry of excitement there’s also a looming release from another class CC act, Damscray and you can look here for a glimpse of that.




2 responses

18 07 2009
Density of Sound

That Damscray release looks particularly exciting – really like the track above… EFTB are obviously good but I think the last EP perhaps lacked a little in thrills, but I’m being very picky. I think there is something about acoustic music that brings out the picky side of me.

18 07 2009
Dylan 'YouSir' Orchard

Are you thinking of Seven+1 from EftB? I can see what you mean about that one, I never did throw myself into really listening to it, although Hydrophobia and Hypersomnia both still get a lot of use. So much so that I actually bough the CDs in fact. That last one was released while on tour though so it might not have been as well thought out as the earlier ones, so I’ve still got faith, mind you I’m a sucker for her Folk and most of my critical faculties fade away to be replaced by entirely personal appreciation.

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