netBloc Volume 21 – Opening Your Ears With Jamendo

4 05 2009

Just a lil’ update to spread word of  the latest netBloc compilation release which is rather tasty indeed featuring, as it does, DavidBowman, Stoufi the Stoves and the excellent Tab among a host of others. And to make it even better than you could ever possibly have imagined in your wildest and most depraved dreams AGMB even gets name dropped amidst the comprehensive PDF file which accompanies the release, detailing artist backrounds and info; look for Tab and bask in our clickable linking goodness.

It’s available to download here, so you should probably do so eh?

And on a side note, from now on the below button’s going to be stuck on everything I post because, well, I have this forum see and, y’know, it’s just lovely and I was thinking that maybe, if you’ve got the time and all, you could drop by and post something. No pressure or anything, I know you’re busy and I don’t want to rush you into anything you’re not comfortable with but, erm, it’d be just dandy if you’d stop in to say hello and maybe, perhaps, we could hold hands or something, it’d be, like, so super awesome.




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