When Good Blogs Go Bad, Spring Break Edition

13 05 2009

You’ll have to forgive this updates stench of self indulgence I’m afraid but, like the red nosed old drunk lounging in the corner of your local Wetherspoons* I find myself staring into the watery abyss of my cheap, fizzy lager and contemplating the nature of the universe in which I find myself this week. ‘What’s bought this about?’, I hear no one in particular ask. Well now, it’s about the state of this glorious Creative Commons nation of ours, both in the present, in the future and in what will soon be the past. Vague enough? I certainly hope so. Read the rest of this entry »


Super Chron Flight Brothers – Indonesia

9 05 2009


Super Chron Flight Brothers – Indonesia (Backwoodz Studioz)

A bit of a stretch today, at least as far as the ‘Creative Commons’ tag goes because this ain’t, as it were. This is however a free album and licensing aside it deserves a bit of loving attention. So, Super Chron Flight Brothers, superbly ridiculous name to start with and an album of undeniably ‘Underground’ Hip Hop, as opposed to the thousands of others who label themselves under the genre simply because it makes them sound more interesting than if they were to admit to churning out generic and largely unsuccesful stuff which is just a poor imitation of what the mainstream is doing more effectively. Although exactly what constitutes ‘Underground’ Hip Hop is a matter for debate, but let’s just say that something which has some vague aspiration to do something new, or at least relatively under-done so far, qualifies.
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Duck – Logical Fallacy

6 05 2009


Duck – Logical Fallacy (Fresh Poulp)

Emerging from French Dub/Electronica/D’n’B/Trip Hop specialist NetLabel ‘Fresh Poulp’; Duck, or possibly ‘DucK’, is a purveyor of ‘Electro-Dub’, apparently, which as a sentence is jam packed enough with relatively meaningless genre definitions to satiate even the most determinedly anal and organised of souls.
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netBloc Volume 21 – Opening Your Ears With Jamendo

4 05 2009

Just a lil’ update to spread word of  the latest netBloc compilation release which is rather tasty indeed featuring, as it does, DavidBowman, Stoufi the Stoves and the excellent Tab among a host of others. And to make it even better than you could ever possibly have imagined in your wildest and most depraved dreams AGMB even gets name dropped amidst the comprehensive PDF file which accompanies the release, detailing artist backrounds and info; look for Tab and bask in our clickable linking goodness.

It’s available to download here, so you should probably do so eh?

And on a side note, from now on the below button’s going to be stuck on everything I post because, well, I have this forum see and, y’know, it’s just lovely and I was thinking that maybe, if you’ve got the time and all, you could drop by and post something. No pressure or anything, I know you’re busy and I don’t want to rush you into anything you’re not comfortable with but, erm, it’d be just dandy if you’d stop in to say hello and maybe, perhaps, we could hold hands or something, it’d be, like, so super awesome.


Christophe Marc – The Funny Fall

2 05 2009


Christophe Marc – The Funny Fall (Jamendo)

After listing Christophe’s single a few days back in my revelatory, consciousness expanding, superlative singles round up I found word reaching me of a fully fledged solo album from the same, my extensive and exhaustive spy network reporting back to me every detail of note from the world of Creative Commons as they do (well, he actually told me about it himself but let’s not split hairs). My curiosity piqued and my appetite for experimental Hip Hop, my latest obsession, finally satiated I meandered over to Jamendo and hit the download button with hope in my heart and a glint in my eye. Or at least a cup of tea in my hand and a few hours to kill. Read the rest of this entry »