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27 04 2009

christophe-mercminiChristophe Marc – Next To The Sea

A fairly straight forward Indie single here with a dash of the Morrissey’s about it which makes for a rather nice, thoughtful listen. Listed as an E.P. for some reason there’s still only two songs so double A-Side it is then. Well worth a download. A download which you can download by clicking this download link.




pih-pohPih Poh & The MTPockets – 1ère

Upbeat and Poppy French Hip-Hop which has a vaguely Latin beat to it, fairly throw away in my opinion but fun for a while and available HERE. Plus it’s another two-for-one deal with the B-Side being more of the same.




anakondaminiAnakonda – Les Affamés du Pouvoir

And to round off this little singles mixer more of that good aul time Hip Hop, this time in a slightly dodgily produced package but with enough traces of interestingness to be worth a listen. Helped a fair bit by the vocals, which have a nicely driving quality to them. Clicky here, ce-vooo-play.



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