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27 04 2009

christophe-mercminiChristophe Marc – Next To The Sea

A fairly straight forward Indie single here with a dash of the Morrissey’s about it which makes for a rather nice, thoughtful listen. Listed as an E.P. for some reason there’s still only two songs so double A-Side it is then. Well worth a download. A download which you can download by clicking this download link.




pih-pohPih Poh & The MTPockets – 1ère

Upbeat and Poppy French Hip-Hop which has a vaguely Latin beat to it, fairly throw away in my opinion but fun for a while and available HERE. Plus it’s another two-for-one deal with the B-Side being more of the same.




anakondaminiAnakonda – Les Affamés du Pouvoir

And to round off this little singles mixer more of that good aul time Hip Hop, this time in a slightly dodgily produced package but with enough traces of interestingness to be worth a listen. Helped a fair bit by the vocals, which have a nicely driving quality to them. Clicky here, ce-vooo-play.


Black Era – Third Eye Guerilla

25 04 2009



Black Era – Third Eye Guerilla (Aquietbump)

Heavy, slow and brooding but still just warm enough to be a relaxed listen. There’s a fairly brief summary of a rather good EP although leaving it at that might not quite justify my existence. ‘Third Eye Guerilla’, coming from the Aquietbump NetLabel, is a compact but beautifully formed hit of dark and vaguely abstract Trip Hop which noticably sets out to focus on an edgy, rather grim vibe. Read the rest of this entry »

Faren Khan – Faren Khan

22 04 2009



Faren Khan – Faren Khan (Jamendo)

Another old timey album today, released in March of 2008 ‘Faren Khan’ offers yet more proof that I’m about as cutting edge as a very un-cutting thing, a sponge perhaps, or a blunt rock. Anyway, the practice of reviewing stuff which is at least vaguely new only half counts with CC music, especially when you come across something which stands out from the usual in some way, which this, rather entertainingly, does. Read the rest of this entry »

The Hardtits – Demo 2008

18 04 2009



The Hardtits – Demo 2008 (Jamendo)

The Hardtits… Jazz, Punk, Rock, Ska and an excellent, if slightly random, name for your average English listener. Theoretically there’s absolutely nothing to dislike here, except perhaps the Jazz but even that could be forgiven in light of the rest of the claimed styles and the fact that the French actually seem to do upbeat Jazz quite well (i.e. Trio). Theory and reality though are a million miles apart as any fule know and with this lot the intent isn’t really reflected in the end result. Read the rest of this entry »

SCLWN – White Rabbit/New Yeah

15 04 2009



SCLWN – White Rabbit/New Yeah (Hool-a-Hop Records)

It all seems to be happening in Russia at the moment, barely any time at all after releasing his solo effort ‘Horseboy’ Damscray is back to teaming up with SCLWN to release an EP length follow up to ‘Everything is OK’, which I reviewed a while back and found to be not too bad at all. Read the rest of this entry »

Entertainment for the Braindead – Seven + 1

11 04 2009



Entertainment for the Braindead – Seven + 1 (Aaahh Records)

One of the first reviews I did was of EftB’s second album ‘Hydrophobia’ which I liberally gushed over like a teenage girl meeting Ronan Keating (or whoever the kids dig these days), an enthusiasm which hasn’t been dulled by time given that it’s still on my MP3 player and in habitual rotation. So, new album, good news right? Read the rest of this entry »

netBloc vol. 20: Music to Accompany the World Traveller

10 04 2009


Another release from the ever excellent netBloc gang, a fairly random mix but it’s all good. Plus they’ve apparently already finalised the track listing for the next one, so keep an eye out for that too.

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