21 03 2009

Chances are I’m lagging behind the times on this one but a nifty little thing nonetheless. Spotify is a fairly clean and simple program which hooks you up a vast collection of streamable music, not CC music but commercially licensed stuff. The price? Sporadic ads which are only mildly irritating. It’s basically a clever idea from the creator to tap into the terrified, money hungry desires of some commercial labels who see all of their chances to make a buck disappearing with the proliferation of music piracy and, to a lesser extent, CC lovin’ musos. It’s not going to be their salvation of course, you can’t download anything without paying for starters but the ability to build playlists and selectively pick out tracks without waiting for the computer to decide it’s time (a la makes it a fun thing to have around anyway. Even if you download all of your music this is perfect for exploration, which is why I’ve spent the last 12 hours listening to 1920s Jazz, not a genre I’d ever paid attention to before but this is fast and easy enough to give it a try without any real thought.

Anyway, worth a download, because it is a small one and the install is lightening fast too. Now if only Spotify would start covering CC music, that’d be a glorious thing but I’m assuming that they only sign deals with commercial labels at the moment and I can’t see any opening for user submissions.

On a side note though ANOTHER GODDAMN MUSIC FORUM, get over there and sign up so you can bathe in the collective wisdom of me and the other guy.



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