Mr. Racoon – Katy

25 02 2009


Mr. Racoon – Katy (Delhotel Records)

This is the first album I’ve gotten around to reviewing from Mexican Net Label ‘Delhotel Records’, which is something to a surprise given the rather hefty back catalogue they can boast and the element of novelty entailed in finding a Mexican Net Label in a world of free music dominated by Europeans and Yanks. But I’ve finally gotten round to giving something from their extensive stable more than a cursory once over and I’m not disappointed that I did.

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Chewbaska – The Shape of Ska to Come

25 02 2009


Chewbaska – The Shape of Ska to Come

More Ska Punk? Why yes, yes indeedy. Well, almost yes at any rate given that today’s offering actually leans more to the side of the Ska than the Punk which is unsurprisingly no disappointment to me at least. Hailing, like Guarapita, from France, Chewbaska offer up an EP of what is basically old fashioned Second Wave Ska. Think Madness with a nostalgic dash of The Skatalites and you’re more or less there and that’s a mix which in these Ska deprived days is no bad thing.

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Guarapita – Si Hay!

23 02 2009


Guarapita – Si Hay! (Jamendo)

Reviewing albums that are nearly 4 years old? Yeah, bleeding edge folks, expect me to regress even further and start extolling the virtues of 1990’s Indie some time soon. Well, don’t actually because it was largely shite. Anyway, Guarapita have a couple of newer albums, unsurprisingly but this is the one that I managed to trip over in a drunken, stoned haze one night and nothing inspires a soul like skanking around your room at 3 in the morning to French/Venezuelan Ska Punk. Plus free music stands outside of time and space, maaan, largely because nobody’s ever heard of most of the bands anyway. Read the rest of this entry »

Damscray – Horseboy EP

19 02 2009


Damscray – Horseboy EP

A while back now I took a listen to Russian Hip-Hoppers SCLWN’s album ‘Everything is OK’ and going by my half imagined memories and the fact that it’s still stored on my MP3 player I’m fairly sure that I said lots of nice things about it. I especially recall lavishing some, slightly scared, love on the music itself which had a nicely deep, intimidating almost industrial feel to it and, lo and behold, the universe has continued to serve my fetish for music to feel slightly unnerved to by giving me this EP. Read the rest of this entry »