Atomic Suplex distort the universe…

14 01 2009


A few free tracks from Atomic Suplex, masters of ‘ROCK’ of the sort that was always meant to be. If you can get through the insane amount of distortion and start playing air guitar it’s not too bad at all. Plus their lead singer wears a helmet, which is always good.



S.U.N. – The One

13 01 2009


S.U.N. – The One (Jamendo)

Consciousness Rap or Political Rap, or whatever you want to call it. Funny sub-genre really, supposedly a noble alternative to the tedious Gangsta musings which took control all those years ago but for the most part it’s all bland as fuck. There are few styles which are so hard wired into conventions, you can almost predict what the tracks will be before you start listening. Not that it can’t be good of course, or have interest to it, there’s a divide running through it with ‘nice’ standing on one side, talking about how lovely everything is and how we’re all beautiful except for those nasty types who aren’t. Then there’s ‘angry’ on the other, which generally just wants to shoot people in the face and kick off the revolution. Both can be good, even if the former can be a little dull and the latter a little comical. Read the rest of this entry »

Chin Chin – Go There With You EP

11 01 2009

Is this free music? I’m not sure. It’s from Definitive Jux, who’re a commercial label, but the EP’s a freebie, technically I should be pouring scorn on the PR excersize but hey, I’ve got a soft spot for DefJux (home to… well, shit loads of people actually).

Anyway, this is a decent little EP full of Electro, nothing mind blowing but pleasant enough to have around so give it a look.

This counts as news by the way, not a review so no complaining about the lack of content o_O Does mean that I’m back and bad though, check back on Tuesday and Friday for the proper stuff and every day inbetween for the little tidbits from my wanderings through the ether. Links beloooooooooooooow.

Download Go There With You EP

btw: DefJux also apparently have a little free something from the excellent Aesop Rock up too but I can’t work out how to download it, those less inept than me check here and tell me if you have any more luck.