A stab at sanity…

24 12 2008

Over the last week I’ve found myself completely and utterly obsessed with the world of free music, to the point where people won’t even drink with me any more because I keep rambling on about Catalan Dub, Russian Hip Hop and generally insulting people for not being as in the know as I am, which has been fun. Anyway, this has left me updating this thing every day in the first burst of enthusiasm, something which I’m far far too lazy to manage with any consistency so from here on out I’ll be posting new stuff twice a week, with news updates whenever I find anything worth noting.

So, Friday and Tuesday, mark ’em off in your diaries as the highlight of your online week, or at the very least the highlight of your free-music-blog-reading week. And for now I’ll get back to my nuclear bunker deep in the wastelands of South London to dig through the 300 or so albums I haven’t actually listened to yet. And I might watch a bit of TV too.

Merry Christmas folks and thanks for reading.




2 responses

10 01 2009
roger camara

Seems that you like discovering new music from different parts… If youre ever interested in listening to free stuff from mexico, give us a visit! delhotel.com


11 01 2009
YouSir DMO

Cheers, I’ll have a listen and see what I think.

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