Happy New Year…

31 12 2008

… folks. Normal service will resume before long, just gimme a little time to recover from the last couple of weeks inaction, amazing how tiring doing nothing is eh?


A stab at sanity…

24 12 2008

Over the last week I’ve found myself completely and utterly obsessed with the world of free music, to the point where people won’t even drink with me any more because I keep rambling on about Catalan Dub, Russian Hip Hop and generally insulting people for not being as in the know as I am, which has been fun. Anyway, this has left me updating this thing every day in the first burst of enthusiasm, something which I’m far far too lazy to manage with any consistency so from here on out I’ll be posting new stuff twice a week, with news updates whenever I find anything worth noting.

So, Friday and Tuesday, mark ’em off in your diaries as the highlight of your online week, or at the very least the highlight of your free-music-blog-reading week. And for now I’ll get back to my nuclear bunker deep in the wastelands of South London to dig through the 300 or so albums I haven’t actually listened to yet. And I might watch a bit of TV too.

Merry Christmas folks and thanks for reading.


Ghostown – Reflectionz

23 12 2008


Ghostown – Reflectionz (Jamendo)

How cutting edge am I? Discovering and reviewing albums released a mere 7 months ago, trend setter me, a latter day John Peel. Anyway, Reflectionz is an albums worth of eclectic Hip Hop which does eccentric as it should be done, hurling in acordians and random styles without allowing them to take over any track in a gimmicky manner. Certainly things could be pushed further, experimented with more but nonetheless, it’s good to see it being done at all. It’s not dark music, but it is heavy, it bubbles along with a relatively up beat feel but there’s that little something about the beat which adds an edge to it all, a bit like their quasi-namesake really and that’s an excellent feel to have to an album. There’s nothing blunt here, there’s a fair few different levels being worked but none of them has been hurled in without thought and the production is really rather excellent. Read the rest of this entry »

Entertainment for the Braindead Remixes released…

22 12 2008

Just a bit of lazy promotion for the deserving today, look here for a selection of the aforementioned remixes, which I’m still listening to myself so I won’t pass judgement on them.

The Wind Whistles – Window Sills

21 12 2008


The Wind Whistles – Window Sills (Aaahh Records)

Even more Folk today with Aaah Records prolific tourers ‘The Wind Whistles’, stable mates of the indifferent Keyboard Rebels and the really rather good Entertainment for the Braindead this Canadian duo fit somewhere in the middle of the bunch. Window Sills is overall a genuinely likable album, it’s not particularly exciting, it’s not exactly inspiring or innovative but it is really, really nice. There’s a steady stream of Folk coming through these days which fits into the ‘nice’ mould and whilst it can, generally, end up being a rather dull mass of identikit music The Wind Whistles manage to get away with it by doing it better than most. Read the rest of this entry »

Aren’t we amazing and other questions of our time…

20 12 2008

No review today, although I’ll be back with them before long, just felt like a change. Very long article I know but hey, you don’t have anything better to do, do you? Or is it just me who doesn’t..?

We’re awesome. Really, we are. I wake up every day and take pride in just how amazingly great we really are, in fact, taken as a whole, I’d say we’re probably the best people who ever lived. And there’s lots of us. And even if some of the individuals amongst us are shite they still become, by virtue of connection, really amazingly excellent. Who comprises of this elusive ‘We’? Is it just a reflection of my often rampant egomania and a vain affectation of using the royal ‘We’ when refering to myself? For once, no. ‘We’ are the thousands of people hovering around the world of free music and we should all be fucking proud of ourselves for being so much better than most of the universe. Read the rest of this entry »

William Elmore – I fell in love… and all I got was this lousy broken heart EP

19 12 2008


William Elmore – I fell in love… and all I got was this lousy broken heart EP (Jamendo)

As I was downloading this I was feeling rather hopeful, the list of influences on Elmore’s MySpace left me with dreams of a Donovan-esque psychadelic Folk adventure which seemed like the perfect soundtrack to lying in bed with food poisoning (Kebabs, so many cliches, so much truth) but, as ever, my delicate hopes were dashed to at least some extent by the cold, hard fist of reality. Read the rest of this entry »