The Creative Uncommons is aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!

6 08 2009

Oh kaloo kalay, what a frabjulous day – THE CREATIVE UNCOMMONS!


The Life and Times of AGMB

2 08 2009

Well, it was born under a bad star, with the number 13 tattoo’d on it’s neck and the mark of the beast upon its soul. And the only boy who could ever reach it, was the son of a preacher man. And it was beautiful while it lasted, but the bell tolls for us all sooner or later and the winding down of Another Goddamn Music Blog has begun. Soon(ish) this blog will fade away to be replaced with the glorious and venerable new Emperor of the internet, The Creative Uncommons, which’ll be alot like a bigger, sexier, prettier version of this place only, hopefuly, a lot more successful and with a lot more people on board.

The new site will hold all of the archives from here and this blog’ll stay standing in the wings, out of use but not forgotten, largely because a few artists and sites link here referencing stuff. And there’s still one update to come when I launch the new site, so stay tuned for that.

And that’s the end of this particular public service anouncement.

e2a: If anyone is interested in contributing to/helping with the new site then e-mail me.

Flowerheads – Demo 2008

26 07 2009


Flowerheads – Demo 2008 (Jamendo)

Ah 2008, I remember it so well, you could leave your doors open and no one would burgle you, children knew their place and the labouring classes always doffed their hats when you passed them on the street. Halcyon days. And apparently a Surf Rock band released a demo album around that time too, so there y’go, it really was the best we’d ever had it. Read the rest of this entry »

Damscray – Los Animales EP

24 07 2009


Damscray – Los Animales EP (Humanworkshop)

Well, it’s been in the pipeline for a while and a few days ago it emerged into the light of day, a brand spanking new release from Damscray, that Russian purveyor of experimentally. dark/intriguing Trip Hop. Or soundscapes. Or something. Read the rest of this entry »

On a lack of updates and other great matters of our time…

21 07 2009

Those who’ve noticed may have noticed that of late this blog has suffered from a grim paucity of actual, real, review shaped updates, those fine things which make a blog worth reading and validate my existence by granting some use to it. Well I have a great many excuses but none of them are particularly good and, normally, I wouldn’t note them at all but for the fact that they accompany news of something rather more interesting…

At the moment my main project is the creating of a Creative Commons music site, think AGMB but far, far bigger and with a shed load more writers and contributors along with a host of features which go beyond the boundaries of simple reviews. In part this is just because I like doing stuff (or avoiding doing it rather) but on a more community minded note it’s an attempt to fill that gap which very few sites seem to be trying to deal with on the ‘scene’, I want the site to provide a sense of self and a sense of continuity to the CC world as opposed to the infinite number of drifting islands which currently make it up. Pretentious as a roomful of IDM producers I know but still, I have a dream, comrades.

What I don’t really have at the moment is a timeline on all this, although the end of September is a theoretical possibility for launching it, despite the myriad problems which seem to have a habit of occuring. So if you’re interested in having anything to do with my grand, world conquering scheme then don’t hesitate to get in touch, even if you’re just idly curious about it all.

And as for this blog, some proper updates will resume soon, once I work out what my excuses are and find a way to deal with them. Don’t panic, I’m in control.

Entertainment for the Braindead and Damscray doing stuff…

15 07 2009

eftb feat. blackbird, finch & throstle from entertainment for the braindead on Vimeo.

A precursor to either an EP or album release apparently, something to look forward to either way given that Julia Kotowski (EftB) is  most definitely one of the best CC artists out there.

And in a miniature flurry of excitement there’s also a looming release from another class CC act, Damscray and you can look here for a glimpse of that.

Mr Busalot – Test Screening of The Story Of Mr Busalot

13 07 2009


Mr Busalot – Test Screening of The Story Of Mr Busalot (Jamendo)

It’s not often that Jamendo turns up something that really counts as odd. Despite the neverending attempts of a legion of bedroom producers to stand out from the crowd by virtue of creating ever more obscure and unlistenable beats it’s rare that a release actually leaves me raising an eyebrow. And it’s even rarer when it actually makes me laugh. And it’s an out and out miracle when that release also happens to be an English Hip-Hop one. In fact, not just that, but it’s from South East London which just happens to be my little corner of the metropolis, which not only obliges me to review it but also obliges Mr Busalot’s efforts to be half decent given his Londoner status. And mercifully my faith in the inherent superiority of anything from SE London goes unchallenged for the short duration of this entertainingly at ease with itself album. Read the rest of this entry »